#LilWoodysDessertMonth 2018


If you have a serious sweet tooth, you’ll will want to make a beeline to Lil Woody’s this August for the second annual Dessert Month {#lilwoodysdessertmonth}  Each Thursday, Lil Woody’s locations will feature a weekly dessert from some of Seattle’s most creative bakers and ice cream makers. The imaginative concoctions will be available through the weekend or until gone. Quantities are limited!
The Dessert Lineup:

August 2-5 Raised Doughnuts | @raiseddoughnutsThursday, August 2– South Lake Union 
Friday, August 3– Capitol Hill 
Saturday, August 4– Ballard 
Sunday, August 5– White Center 

Yeast raised doughnut with a blue cheese glaze, bacon and fresh figs {A nod to Lil Woody’s popular Fig & the Pig burger}
Owner Mi Kim’s fascination with doughnuts started as a kid. And, after pastry school, working in restaurants and 10 years at Macrina Bakery, she came full circle when she opened Raised Doughnuts this past June. Located in the Central District, they offer the classics as well as “raised” specials that range from seasonal favorites to unique flavor combinations.  Using high quality, specialty ingredients to create one-of-a-kind doughnuts.

August 9-12 | Icebox  | @iceboxseattle

Mini ice cream burger cake Vanilla Cake (bun), Vanilla frosting, Red frosting (ketchup), Green frosting (lettuce), Potato chip crumble, Chocolate Ice Cream (burger), Thin layer of yellow frosting (mustard)Lauren Burman has a thing for cake and ice cream.  After working as a pastry chef at Macrina Bakery, she will be launching Ice Box ice cream cakes in August. Lauren’s cakes are made using her custom cake recipes and ice cream from Molly Moon.  Her cakes are adorned with hand-crafted, seasonal ingredients and every day snacks.  Whole cakes (mint, peanut butter and birthday cake) are available at Molly Moon shops in Capitol Hill, U Village and Redmond and may also be ordered online for home delivery.

August 16-19 Low Rider Baking Company | @lowriderbakingco

Snickerdoodle cookie with scratch-made raspberry filling made from Hayton Farm’s raspberries and white chocolate chips

Emily Allport is the founder of Low Rider Baking Company, a Seattle-based POP-UP cookie company that focuses on bringing a combination of classic and more adventurous flavors to farmer’s markets, events and pop-ups around the city.  She has been a professional baker since 2011. Currently, they work out of the kitchen at Full Tilt Ice Cream in White Center, but hope to open a brick-and-mortar shop soon.

August 24 -26 Matcha Man Ice Cream | @matchamansea
Friday, August 24– South Lake Union
Saturday, August 25– Ballard
Sunday, August 26– White Center

Red bean-filled taiyaki with both matcha and black sesame ice cream
Don Gacilo started Matcha Man as a pop-up after tasting matcha soft serve in Los Angeles. His ice cream flavors are served in activated charcoal and fish-shaped taiyaki cones. Don hopes to open a brick-and-mortar shop in the future.